Hello hello,

My name is Vitor Paladini
and this is my digital garden

As a quick intro, I'm a front-end engineer and technical writer by trade, which means a lot of screen time. So if you catch me afk that's a sign I'm probably not working and may be snapping some pictures with my trusty Canon M50, or cooking something for my lovely wife instead.

I spend my working days at Circuit making delivery better for drivers, dispatchers, customers and everyone in-between.

Previously, I developed travel industry software at Outbound, managed a couple teams at Stone, and published a few dozen WordPress websites during my agency years.

Much like a real garden, this is the place where I grow, trim, and highlight some of my favorite ideas and content. Also like a real garden, you'll see maintenance signs and loose dirt here and there.

Feel free to browse around and hit me up on Twitter if you'd like to chat about anything you saw around these parts.

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I have an Unsplash profile that you can check, most of my best work is there. I'm by no means a professional photographer but this creative outlet brings me great joy and fulfilment.

Randomly picked picture from my Unsplash library

When I'm out shooting I pack a very light and portable Canon M50, a Viltrox 0.71x speed booster adapter, a "cheap and finicky" EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III, and "cheap and fantastic" 50mm f/1.8 that pairs wonderfully with the adapter.

Websites, blogs, digital gardening and content ownership

I've been seeing this concept of digital gardens around for a while now and the concept serves my needs so well. I really like the idea of having a single place to archive and display stuff I make/work with.

I also love not having to wait for things to be "done" before posting them, be it in a blog or anywhere else. I was heavily inspired by Joel Hook's digital garden while making mine, be sure to check his.